Thyme Patch Park


I stumbled on this P-Patch yesterday. I love the idea of community gardens and someday I would love to join one or something similar. I am dying to grow my own food but don't have many options since I live in an apartment building without much gardening space. Do any of you guys participate in community gardens or know how I can get in on this?

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  1. i love that pumpkin photo!! i totally know what you mean about wanting to grow your own food. In NYC they have these community supported agriculture things (or CSAs) that a lot of people subscribe to. While you don;t actually get to grow the food yourself, it's still a nice way to buy organic, eat what's in season, and eat local/support local farmers! It's pretty cool. I would recommend going in on it with a few friends though. It's a ton of fresh produce delivered almost every week...way too much for one person! Here's the website: http://www.localharvest.org/csa/