This transition


I'm really feeling this fall. It's creeping on slowly and it's been so nice to savor this transitional period. Taking photos has helped me notice the changing of seasons in a way I never used to. Same with shopping at the farmers market every week: seeing what's in season, watching for my favorite fruits and vegetables, trying new things, stocking up on produce before it's gone until next year. I've spent so much of my life waiting for the next thing, and it's nice for a change to really appreciate what's happening right now.

I've been thinking about Rachel's beautiful fall post and Brian's thoughtful words.


  1. gorgeous photos! looks like you guys are having a beautiful fall there. Ever since I've developed a love for photography, I've also developed an appreciation for the here and now and the simple things like never before. I think the two tend to go hand in hand :) Beautiful post/words!

  2. I love that top photo. It makes me excited for what is ahead of us.

  3. I truly like your pictures! This orange things are really nice :)