Unexpected in March

I like taking photos of unexpected things- the human-made mixing with nature, things that seem out of place, rare occurrences that I want to capture before they're gone. So I thought I would start a monthly post where I show the unexpected things I came across during the month. Unexpected finds for March include:

An old TV melting in the sun

A rainbow (I actually saw two rainbows this month but the second one faded before I could take a photo of it)

This cat. I was taking a photo of something in the distance and did not even notice her sitting there at first, she was so quiet and still. I jumped a little when I finally noticed her staring at me

This unlikely planter. I took several shots and then the door opened and a woman and her dog stepped out. At first I tried to sneak away and pretend I was not photographing her doorstep without her permission, but then I decided to try to redeem myself and show that I am not a creeper, just a person who takes photos of interesting planters. She did not seem fazed at all, and we chatted about the planter for a few minutes and she told me before it became a planter it was a fire extinguisher. Those wheels used to bring the extinguisher close to the fire and that spigot released the water inside. Crazy. It seems nice that after a hard life putting out fires this guy gets to relax as a home for plants.


Molly's reading

On Thursday I got to hear Molly Wizenberg speak about her book. It was my first ever book reading and it was wonderful! Molly is such an inspiration and she seemed like a really sweet person. I also met another sweet blogger, Anna. It was really cool to meet people whose work I admire and who are doing exciting things in my city.


Tripod time

My dad loaned me his tripod so I decided to try it out for night photos. I discovered that one of the leg extenders is broken so I wasn't able to take advantage of its full height and had to take all my photos kneeling, but it still seems very cool. Wandering around at night with a camera and tripod makes me feel a weird mix of creepy and vulnerable, but I'm sure I can get used to that.


Tree decorations

I noticed this tree on one of my photo walks around my neighborhood. It is filled with metal music notes, letters, combs, and other fun things that look like they belong in the tree and you don't notice until you get up close. This is one of the things I love most about Seattle: the fun, quirky ways people decorate their environment. I feel like I can take my camera almost anywhere in this city and find a little surprise like this tree. I want to have more art in my life. It's one of the reasons I started this blog. So, people of Seattle, thank you for being so awesome and putting your art out for me to enjoy!


Essential Baking Company

The other day Justin and I were craving a pastry and we stumbled upon:

I was really excited to find this place, since I read about it on Anna's blog last month. She made it sound so warm and inviting, and Essential is definitely that. I loved the exposed brick walls and the space was very open and full of beautiful afternoon light. Justin and I shared some kind of pear pastry that was surprisingly cold but very delicious and our coffee was excellent. I will be back there for more baked goodness very soon, I'm sure.


Early spring

Spring, I am so ready for you.

I love the pinks and greens of spring.

One of the things I love most about taking photos is that it makes me pay attention to how the landscape around me changes with the seasons. I have been watching and waiting for some color after a grey winter.