Unexpected in March

I like taking photos of unexpected things- the human-made mixing with nature, things that seem out of place, rare occurrences that I want to capture before they're gone. So I thought I would start a monthly post where I show the unexpected things I came across during the month. Unexpected finds for March include:

An old TV melting in the sun

A rainbow (I actually saw two rainbows this month but the second one faded before I could take a photo of it)

This cat. I was taking a photo of something in the distance and did not even notice her sitting there at first, she was so quiet and still. I jumped a little when I finally noticed her staring at me

This unlikely planter. I took several shots and then the door opened and a woman and her dog stepped out. At first I tried to sneak away and pretend I was not photographing her doorstep without her permission, but then I decided to try to redeem myself and show that I am not a creeper, just a person who takes photos of interesting planters. She did not seem fazed at all, and we chatted about the planter for a few minutes and she told me before it became a planter it was a fire extinguisher. Those wheels used to bring the extinguisher close to the fire and that spigot released the water inside. Crazy. It seems nice that after a hard life putting out fires this guy gets to relax as a home for plants.

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  1. I love the tv melting picture! Looks like the tree is reaching it's arm right through it.

    The first house you see when you hit Roseville is owned by a guy who I could see having that tv tree as part of his yard. Supposedly the city has tried multiple times to buy the land because of the "negative image" it gives Roseville to passers by. Whenever the city pisses him off he throws an old clunker in his yard :) I want to meet the guy