Molly's reading

On Thursday I got to hear Molly Wizenberg speak about her book. It was my first ever book reading and it was wonderful! Molly is such an inspiration and she seemed like a really sweet person. I also met another sweet blogger, Anna. It was really cool to meet people whose work I admire and who are doing exciting things in my city.


  1. Thanks so much, Megan! It really was a pleasure to meet you.

    P.S. Isn't Anna great? I love her photography.

  2. aw thanks for this post, megan. i'm glad you enjoyed the event, you'll have to come to more!

    p.s. thanks molly! right back at ya'.

  3. Molly is pretty damn amazing, right?
    And Anna ain't half bad either ;D
    Yay for meeting two awesome ladies!