619 Western

On Thursday I went to the Seattle Art Walk with a friend, which might be my very favorite thing to do in Seattle. The best part of the Art Walk is the 619 Western building. I hadn't been here in a few months and I'd almost forgotten how magical this place is. It's six floors of art and there is so much creativity crammed into one space that it makes me giddy just being there. And it couldn't be in a better location, surrounded by the historic buildings of Pioneer Square and overlooking Elliot Bay.

It reminds me of these stories my dad used to tell me about children who discovered trap doors under their beds one day and these trap doors led to exciting new places (I usually imagined a field full of bunnies and huge swing sets). 619 Western is like my adult trap door place, only instead of the trap door there is a winding staircase and rickety old elevator transporting me to new places. Each time I go back it's a little bit different and always full of surprises.


  1. I work Thursday evenings so to be able to see your photographs of the art walk and 619 is a treat! Wonderfully done!

  2. fun fun! i haven't yet been to a first thursday, but my friend randomly said that i should curate the 619. haha!