Light speckles and bricks and bars

I didn't take a single photo on Monday and it felt so wrong.

But I made up for this wrongness by taking tons of photos on a walk with a friend. She was borrowing a DSLR so we were snapping photos all along the way to and from Thai food on The Ave. It was so much fun! Now I just need to convince her to blog with me...


P.S. I booked my flight today and will be spending the end of May in London and Paris! I have never been abroad so if you have any suggestions for me or recommendations of things to do or places to go I would love your advice.


  1. what an interesting assignment - to capture metal bars! so strange how you don't notice these things until you try. i think now when i see a row of window bars, i will think of this post!

  2. Wow that is so exciting! I can't wait to see your pictures! My only advice is to walk down all the little side streets. That's what I did in Tokyo and I always found cool places doing that.

    I love these shadow pictures - its finally spring!

  3. Lovely shadows and specks of light! London is really wonderful, you'll love it! I agree with allison on simply walking around all the side streets and of course hitting a museum or two and go to a concert!