You are what you eat, day 5

Today was a little bit rough. I woke up with pain and redness in my left eye and after a few hours I decided I should get it checked for pink eye, which I had once in high school and the eye doctor said it was the third worse case of pink eye he'd ever seen in his life. I was impressed with my bacteria. But I didn't have pink eye this time. I have CLARE, which is an adorable acronym for "contact lens acute red eye" or "you have been leaving your contacts in too long and now your eyes are broken". Bummer. I don't have backup glasses, so I am slightly blind for the next week or so until I can put my contacts back in or my new glasses arrive. I couldn't tell if my photos were in focus as I was taking them, but luckily cameras are pretty smart and I think they came out fine.

* cereal with milk, apple juice
* darjeeling tea
* leftover pasta from the other night, only now it has a mysterious purple tint. Mei Li's leftovers are also turning purple. What's up with that?
* mint dark chocolate (just imagine 6 squares instead of 2)
* bagel with red pepper hummus
* cheese pita pizza, lemon bar, the last of the best ever feta, crackers


  1. oh no! i'm sorry you had such a crummy day. at least all these food pictures look good. i hope that can cheer you up?

  2. yes, they are in focus :)