You are what you eat

I have a new project. This one is only a week long (unless I decide otherwise) and it consists of me photographing everything I eat, which was inspired by this article. I love all the crazy things you can find on the internet, like people showing the world every single food substance that enters their mouths. I just think that is super. And I want to participate.

* tea with milk and sugar
* The Usual (what I call Justin's classic breakfast of potatoes and eggs hashed together with whatever else he has in his kitchen; this time chives, white cheddar, and chipotle sauce), lemonade
* potato and chickpea curry over rice, pita
* raspberries, crackers with brie and blueberry preserves

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  1. great project: I love it!!!
    i am always very curious about what people eat;)
    do you know this blog: http://aixxx.wordpress.com/?