Happy Halloween! Also, Boston


Happy Halloween! There are so many festive displays around my neighborhood. I saw swarms of kids trick-or-treating around the shops on Market Street earlier. My favorite costume was a lawn gnome. My Halloween plans for tonight include scaring myself with The Haunting and eating pumpkin muffins warm from the oven.


Anna and I got a late start on our day trip to Boston so we didn't get to do everything we wanted to, but we still had a blast in this awesome city. We followed the freedom trail which included Paul Revere's house and grave, the USS Constitution, and the site of the first public school in the US. We got insanely delicious pastries at Modern Pastry (but everyone seemed to be carrying around Mike's Pastry boxes...does anyone know what's up with that place?) and stopped in for a pint at the oldest continually operating tavern in the US, Bell in Hand. My favorite thing about Boston was the cemeteries. They were so creepy and cool and situated right in the middle of things, with skinny, practically falling over gravestones, with skulls and crossbones carved into them and dates from the 1600's. I feel like I barely got a glimpse of this fascinating city and I can't wait to go back sometime in the future!


  1. love these!! especially the graveyard photos :). Looks like you guys had a great time in Boston! I love that city...have yet to walk the freedom trail though. Need to do that someday.
    haha...Mike's Pastry is an insanely popular Italian pastry place in the North End (Boston's Little Italy). I've tried to get pastries from there twice with no luck...just too crowded. I don't really understand the hype though. lol.

  2. Really nice overview of the city... looks like there is a real atmosphere around Halloween!