SIFF time in Queen Anne

Last week I watched The Wedding Cake as part of SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival). I have been reading the guides and wanting to go for a few years now but never managed to make it to a movie, so I was very excited to finally go. The movie was funny and, as its name suggests, it had an awesome scene involving a wedding cake.

We wandered around Queen Anne for a while before and after the movie and stumbled upon this awesome park where these colored lights change and fade into other colors. And I always enjoy the clever messages on this bar's sign.


  1. Can you post every day please? BTW i think the first photo is amazing. i would buy the print please!!!! PLEASE!!!

    Ryan Pierce

  2. Cool photos! I rarely make it up to queen anne.

  3. I'm so jealous. I've heard that SIFF is a great festival and I'd love to go, but it's about as far away from me as possible and still be on mainland America!

  4. i love everything about that 2nd image. the colors are stellar.


    xo Alison