Greenwich day was my favorite London day. It was so nice to get away from the crowds and go somewhere beautiful and calm. There were really interesting museums, a pretty waterfront full of picnickers (including myself), a large grassy park, and a cool tavern.

My favorite place here was the Royal Observatory, which was divided into 2 areas for time and space. Both sides were interesting, but the space side reminded me how much I love that stuff. I felt like an excited little kid being learning about planets and stars and black holes and possible life out there...It was really fun! There was a room that displayed photos and characteristics of each of the planets in our solar system (I was a little sad Pluto was no longer included) and you could vote on which planet you'd like to visit on vacation. I picked Jupiter. I was disappointed in the number of people who chose Earth.

I stopped at Trafalgar Tavern for a beer and a snack and the band who had been playing at the nearby university stopped in with all of their marching gear, which was pretty cool. Apparently Charles Dickens liked to hang out at this place.

And I loved watching this guy from above as he appeared to be gathering supplies for an art project.

I took a boat back down the Thames to get to central London, which was awesome. Then I met up with a very cool artist I met in my hostel. She was in town for an exhibit and used to live in London and said I could not leave the city without experiencing "pub culture" so she took me to a few of her old favorite spots. It was the perfect end to a great day.

PS Thanks for your comments on my previous post, everybody! They really made my day.


  1. That picture of the marching gear is a pretty great catch : )

  2. I love that shot of the mossy stairs! LOVE!