Paris is so beautiful. After getting lost trying to find my hostel and then lugging my backpack up four flights of winding stairs I was greeted by this sight:
and I knew Paris would be wonderful. How could it not be when I knew I had this view to come back to every night?

I loved the gorgeous architecture and the beautiful parks and the slow pace of life there. It was so wonderful to sit in a cafe or restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal without feeling rushed at all. And of course I loved the croissants and baguettes and pastries.

I met some really cool people in my hostel and the nights were so much fun. We went to a jazz bar, had late night picnics outside, sampled many bottles of cheap French wine, and stayed up late telling traveling stories and making lists of the places we need to visit in the future.

(I love how the red and pink couple bring out the red and pink the the arch. Awesome!)

This day was so rainy and it created reflecting pools on the ground. I loved looking at the ground first and seeing these majestic old buildings and statues, and then looking up and seeing them again.


  1. gorgeous photos. the light in the 2nd one is so beautiful!

    xo Alison

  2. Those reflection photos are stunning! I love all the bits and pieces of buildings in them.

  3. thanks for your lovely comments :)
    these Paris photos are amazing! Makes me excited to go next year! Do you have any must-try places to eat in Paris? please do share!
    xo- Hannah

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