Pathways and pastries


I love this ivy arch. I've come across it several times on walks around my neighborhood and each time I'm thrilled by it and I try to make a mental note of where it's located but it never sticks in my mind. I just have a vague notion of where it is in relation to my apartment. But I guess that's okay since each time I come across it I'm happily surprised.

The beautiful plum danish in the bottom photo is from Cafe Besalu, which is probably my favorite bakery in the whole world. It was a deciding factor in my apartment hunt this summer. When Allison and I were talking about winter projects she suggested that we become regulars at a cafe, which I think is the perfect excuse to treat myself to a pastry here once a week.


  1. It looks nice... I can only imagine how it tastes good :)
    Have a nice week end

  2. I love the idea. I've been thinking lately of finding a new favourite nook somewhere. You've inspired me!

    The arch is lovely by the way!

  3. oh the cappuccino ( coffee ) looks so good

  4. Cafe Besalu is my absolute favorite! So cozy and cute...the yellowy walls get me every time.