Fading light


I miss the days when I could come home from work and know I still had several hours of daylight left for possible photo walks. Now I need to rush out the door immediately after entering and I'm still fighting the sun setting. In a week or two there won't be much light at all when I get home: I'll go to work in the dark and it will be dark when I'm done. Yuck. So I'll have to get creative, maybe work on night photography, maybe take some shots of my daily life at home, indoors.


  1. I was just there this weekend!

    Oh my gosh though, I feel the same way. I had this realization on Monday when the weather was really bad... it was just so depressing to have it be dark all day and not get to enjoy being outside exploring at all.. I don't know what I'm going to do to keep things exciting. Maybe we should set some goals for making the most of Seattle in the winter...

  2. thank you so much for your comment, I love your blog as well+I really like the last photograph. spooky in a good way.

  3. These are such great shots. I too have been feeling the same way about the darkness coming earlier. I like your ideas about what to do about it!

  4. i love that last shot! i'm with you on the dark...even worse with the daylight savings time change. ugh! i guess it's a good opportunity to work on low light photography :). loved your indoor photos from your recent post!

  5. Night photography!!! Come on, you can't sound so bummed about that. Look at the guy in the photo second from the bottom, it looks like he's taking night photos himself.