Sculpture Park


I walked around the Olympic Sculpture Park with some friends last weekend. It's this really cool space near the waterfront that was converted to a park with art mixed into the landscape. The washing machine is part of a temporary exhibit, which also included a dryer and record player made out of wood out in a field of wild flowers. I really liked this one since it reminded me of the abandoned appliances people dump out in the middle of nowhere and they look so strange and lost outside. Some of the wildflowers were spray painted black for another temporary exhibit. I didn't like this one so much, but I guess it is interesting to think about what we consider beautiful and humans interacting with nature and things like that. I like that so many things can be considered art depending on the context and that someone can recreate a scene we see in our everyday lives and make us see it differently.


  1. I haven't been here in a couple of years but this reminds me that I ought to go again. I like what you said about the dryer too. Its so sad and funny to see those appliances. We get so attached to our things and then discard them like nothing.

  2. thank you for the comment on my blog! how sweet of you!

    what a great park! i would love to go there. that first photo is so great!!

  3. What an amazing place. I have never been to a sculpture park that uses nature in such a way. Looks like an interesting day.

  4. The sculpture park has been on my list to do. I like what you found, but I have to agree with you on the black spray paint...that does seem quite wrong!

  5. i love that idea of a sculpture park! here in D.C. we have the Hirshorn Sculpture Garden, but nothing so experimental. That is why I love visiting Portland!

  6. I've been meaning to visit this park. I love your pictures! I wonder what other temporary pieces might be there when I finally visit!